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What is VCpay™?

VCpay uses a Virtual Credit Card (VCC) that replaces the physical with a technology that cannot be cloned or compromised.

Each VCC is generated offline and is UNIQUE, as the cardholder only you have visibility of the VCC until the transaction. Because of this ingenious card creating process, the risk of your card details being stolen through conventional back-end systems or transactions is eliminated.

VCC’s are endorsed by MasterCard, meaning any VCC can be used worldwide where MasterCard is accepted, opening a world of payment options to you even if you do not own a bank account or Credit Card.

VCpay works offline without having to connect to a mobile network. This means network coverage, signal strength and availability have no effect on your ability to make payments.
It also means that VCpay offers 100% guaranteed service.

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More about VCpay
Register How do I get started with the VCpay™ Application?

Follow these simple steps to obtain your VCpay App and get started:

1. Download and install the VCpay application onto your mobile handset. To identify whether or not your device is supported go to using your mobile device.

2. Select your payment or Card funding option. In order to create a VC Card the VCpay App needs to pull funds from either a linked EP Wallet or straight from your Credit Card.

3. Click here to learn more on linking your Credit Card or EP Wallet.
Protect How does VCpay™ protect me?

VCpay™ fully guarantees every VCpay™ payment you make and ensures all of your details are secured using sophisticated cryptographic techniques and security features.
Finance What are the VCpay™ benefits to me as a user?

Our VCpay™ loyalty programme rewards customers with cash back benefits on every payment made with VCpay. Your prepaid VCpay™ account will be credited monthly with your reward points, the more you use VCpay the more we’ll reward you.
Linked Credit Cards will also continue to earn any rewards already attached to your Card via your Bank. E.g. ebucks, greenbacks, absa points, etc....
Where Where can I get VCpay™?

VCpay™ can be downloaded for free from our mobi site at and is available for BlackBerry devices, Android devices and the Apple iPhone.

If you would like to be updated on the progress of VCpay in the above app markets, please click here to sign up.

How can I fund my VCpay™ App?
Cash Link your Credit Card

VCpay users have the ability to link their Credit Card directly to the VCpay Application. The card details are entered into the app and stored on the backend using advanced cryptographic and security techniques, ensuring that your details cannot be stolen, phished or compromised.

Linking your Credit Card requires that you follow a simple verification process which will ensure that you are the owner of the card in question.

Each time you use a VCC created by your Credit Card the amount will be directly debited from your card via the VCpay system while the VCC will be used to pay the merchant. Your actual Card details are never displayed or used outside of our secure environment.

Click here for more information on linking your Credit Card.

EPWallet Link your EP Wallet

EasyPay provides a simple to use wallet system that can be generated using your Cellphone number in a matter of minutes. This account can then be linked to the VCpay application and used in one of two modes:

PREPAID MODE: You will be able to fund your VCpay™ account at the many EasyPay participating merchant locations or through EFTs (electronic fund transfers) before you use our product, just like any other prepaid service such as prepaid airtime and prepaid electricity.

POSTPAID MODE: EasyPay offers their clients the option to apply for a credit facility on their EP Wallet, giving them funds that can be used on the EasyPay website for purchases or payments. You can apply with EasyPay for this credit at

Deposit Depositing funds into my EP Wallet

Click here to go to the EasyPay website and create an EP Wallet.

Click here for more information on depositing funds into your EP Wallet.

Where can I use my Virtual Cards?
Use VC You can use your VCpay Virtual Cards anywhere that supports a MasterCard "card not present" transaction including the majority of websites, telephone orders/purchases, and bookings for airline tickets, rental cars and concert tickets.

With your VCC you can purchase products from any website that accepts MasterCard branded credit cards, whether the website is local or international. If you are making purchases on an international website, please ensure that you comply with South African Reserve Bank regulations and requirements.

Both Prepaid and Postpaid Virtual Cards are accepted on the EasyPay website for any of their products. This includes: prepaid airtime; prepaid electricity; bill payments to over 400 institutions such as municipalities (e.g. rates and taxes), traffic fines, SABC TV Licences, retailers, doctors, insurance companies, school fees, etc.

To find out if your bills can be paid with EasyPay, please click here.

To find out if you can buy your prepaid electricity at EasyPay, please click here.

Available Handsets
BlackBerry    Android    iPhone
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