You can now buy Big Concert tickets for your favourite events online using VCpay, the mobile app that lets you pay virtually everywhere. VCpay creates pre-paid Virtual Cards that work exactly like a credit card would, allowing you to buy virtually everything online at retailers like Big Concerts!   v

VCpay is for everyone and offers many ways to top up your account with funds.

  • EasyPay – Deposit cash into your Unique Reference Number at any one of the thousands of EasyPay terminals across South Africa, found in retail stores like Woolworths.
  • Bank Transfer (EFT) – Transfer funds directly from your bank account into your VCpay account.
  • Credit Card – Already have a credit card and want a quicker, safer way to pay? Simply link your card details in app to fund your account.
  • Redeem a voucher – Have you got a VCpay voucher? Then simply redeem the voucher code in app to have funds instantly reflect in your account.

Download it now for Google Android, Apple iOS or Windows Phone devices!

For more info on how to top up your account visit VCpay’s “How to” section.

I’m hooked, how do I get VCpay?

  1. Download the VCpay app from your Google Play, Apple iTunes or Windows Phone app store.
  2. Once installed, open the app and click “Register” on the welcome screen.
  3. Follow the prompts to fill in your personal details, a security question and a 4 to 30 digit PIN code that you will use to access the app.
  4. A One Time PIN (OTP) will now be sent via SMS to the mobile number you specified in step 3, simply enter the OTP to validate your app.
  5. It’s as simple as that, you have completed registration and are now ready to pay virtually everywhere with VCpay!

Great, I want to create my first card

  1. Make sure you have enough funds in your account by topping up via EasyPay, EFT or Redeem Voucher.
  2. From the home screen or in the app menu click “Create Card”.
  3. Select whether you’d like to create a single or Normal card:
    • Single-use cards are for once-off payments, and will expire after the first purchase.
    • Normal cards are for repeat purchases up to the total value of the card, just like a regular credit card before it reaches its limit.
  4. Select the currency and amount you want to create your card for.
  5. Confirm that the card type and value of the card is correct, then tap “Create Card” one final time.
  6. You have just created a Virtual Card that is ready for online shopping!

How do I use my Virtual Card online?

Exactly the same way you would use a regular credit card! Go to a site like Big Concerts, add your items into a basket and checkout. When prompted for your card details, enter the card number, expiry date and CVC (also known as CVV) exactly as they appear on your Virtual Card. You may be prompted for a 3D Secure code on checkout, if so use the code provided alongside your Virtual Card details.

It’s as simple as that, you’ve now unlocked the world of online shopping for Event tickets, Gadgets, Books, Streaming services and so much more with VCpay!

Make sure you download it now for Google Android, Apple iOS or Windows Phone devices!

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