Want to use VCpay Virtual Cards to pay for Uber trips but not sure how to do it? Here’s a guide to get you started:

Step 1 – Make sure you have funds in your account

1. Before you create a Virtual Card using VCpay, make sure your Current Balance is high enough to cover the value of your ride, a minimum balance of R100 is required. If you create a card for use with Uber while your account balance is not high enough to cover the typical Uber ride, the card will fail and you will not be able to book a ride.

For more information on how to load funds into your VCpay account – click here

2. Once you have a sufficient balance in your account you can create a Virtual Card to use with Uber. We encourage creating a Normal card with a higher value (i.e. R2,000) to make sure the rides process successfully. Note: this does not mean you need to have R2,000 in your account to create a R2,000 multi-use card, it just means that the card can bill for up to R2,000 as long as you have enough funds in your account. For More information on creating multi-use cards, please see Step 2 below.

Question: What happens if your Uber ride is less than R100, but you’ve used a card that is set up for more than R100?

Answer: If your Uber ride is less than R100, only the value of the ride (say R80) will be deducted from your VCpay account Current Balance.

Step 2 – How to create a Normal VCpay card for Uber

1. From the home screen or in the app menu click “Create Card”

Please note: screens will / may vary from device to device

2. Select create card, followed by the Normal card type. (For this exercise you will create a Normal card)

  • Multi-use cards are for repeat purchases up to the total value of the card

3. Enter the amount you want to create the card for. We recommend you enter a large amount (For example R2,000) so you can use it for multiple Uber rides.

4. Once you have selected your card type and the value of the card, click the “Create Card” button.

Please note: screens will / may vary from device to device

NB – With a Normal card, make sure you have enough funds in your VCpay account to cover the cost of your UBER trip. If you do not have enough funds in your VCpay account to cover the UBER trip cost, your card will be rejected.

Step 3 – Load your VCpay card on your Uber app

For instructions on how to update your card details in the Uber app, please see Uber’s help site.