Here at VCpay we understand that being able to pay online without a credit card, avoiding unnecessary debt and protecting yourself against fraud is important.

That’s why we created the safest alternative to pay online.

However, in order to keep providing and improving this awesome service for you and the rest of South Africa, we have adjusted our fee structure as from 17 July 2016.

How we charge for deposits (everything else is free!)


VCpay remains a free app, with no charges to create cards, upgrade your account or pay across South Africa. The only time you pay to use VCpay is when you top up your account.

To make it more convenient for you, we have provided several ways to fund your VCpay account:

EasyPay deposit –            3% of the deposit value + R2.85

EFT –                                     3% of the deposit value

Credit Card –                      3% of the deposit value


What it means for you


Current Users – The good news for our current users, those who registered before 17 July 2016, is that you have a grace period of three months when loading funds using EFT. This means that if you top up your VCpay account via EFT, we pay the deposit fees back into your account at the end of each month until 17 October 2016.

New Users – Try VCpay and see how awesome it is for yourself! The fees for all EFT deposits are paid back into your account at the end of your first month with VCpay. Thereafter, normal fees will apply.


Why use VCpay?


Do you need a way to pay online or in-app but don’t have or want to use your physical credit card? With VCpay you’ll say goodbye to the hefty monthly fees, interest rates and risk of fraud that come with a normal credit card.

As the safest alternative for online payments in South Africa, VCpay opens up a world of online shopping opportunities. Whether you want to shop on Zando, catch an Uber, order takeaways or pay for subscriptions, utility bills, flights and more, VCpay has you covered.

The prepaid virtual credit cards created with VCpay enable you to pay at any South African merchant who accepts MasterCard, and with added benefits:

  • As a prepaid card there is no debt
  • VCpay payments reflect immediately with the merchant and your order is confirmed, unlike with EFTs
  • With much more flexibility than other prepaid cards you can conveniently manage your spend

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We are serious about keeping your hard-earned money safe from fraudsters using a multitude of security features:

  • Your VCpay account is a real bank account, providing you with a safe place to store your funds.
  • When using a VCpay card instead of your bank card for online payments, your account info is never exposed to third parties
  • Our Single Use Cards offer ultimate security as they expire after a single transaction

Click here for more on fighting card fraud with VCpay.

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Happy safe and convenient shopping,

The VCpay team!

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