Does it cost me anything to upgrade my account?

No, account upgrades to Lite and Full Packages are free. Click here for more details.

Are there any fees to deposit cash into my VCpay account?

Yes, the only time you pay for using VCpay is when depositing funds into your VCpay account:

  • EasyPay deposit
    • 3% of the deposit value + R2.85
  • EFT
    • 3% of the deposit value
  • Credit/Cheque Card
    • 3% of the deposit value

New users are paid back the fees for all EFT deposits during their first month with VCpay. Thereafter, normal fees apply.

Are there any fees when refunding out of my VCpay account to my bank account?

No, there are no fees charged for refunds.

Are there any fees on transactions?

No, all transactions are free using VCpay.

Are there any fees on email statements?

No, VCpay email statements are free to request.

What happens if I don’t use my account for long periods?

If you do not use your account for a period of 6 months or more, your account will be will be viewed as dormant. Not using your account means that you have not transacted with a VCpay card or made a deposit into your VCpay account over the 6 month period.

While dormant a monthly service fee of R5 will be charged to recover the cost of keeping the account open. To avoid going into dormancy or to change your account from being dormant (if you are already there), simply top-up or transact with VCpay today.

If your account is dormant and does not have enough funds to cover the R5 monthly service fee, your account will be closed.

Please contact the call centre for more info if needed.

What if your account gets closed due to dormancy?

Not to worry, you can simply create a new VCpay account by deleting your current VCpay app and re-registering with a fresh installation of VCpay, all at no charge to you.