Have you heard of the Liedjie app before? If not, do yourself a favour and download it from your app store now. You’ll have the latest Afrikaans music and endless playlists for any mood right at your fingertips, all without the need for internet and best of all, no adverts! Visit their website for more.

Once you try Liedjie out for a month, you’ll need a way to pay for your subscription. That’s where we step in to save the day and your playlists! No credit card? Or don’t want to share your bank details in-app? As your safe online payment alternative, VCpay is the answer. Here’s how to use VCpay to pay for your Liedjie subscription:

Step 1 – Download and register with VCpay

Download VCpay from your app store to get started. High five if you already use VCpay!

Download VCpay on iOSDownload VCpay Windows Phone



Step 2 – Make sure you have funds in your account

Before you create a Virtual Card using VCpay, make sure your Available Balance is high enough to cover the value of the Liedjie subscription. If you create a card and your account balance is not high enough to cover the cost, the card will fail and you will not be able to keep listening to those great tunes!

VCpay card balance

Please note: screens will / may vary from device to device

Remember to keep your VCpay account topped-up as the Liedjie subscription fee will be deducted each month.

For more information on how to load funds into your VCpay account – click here


Step 3 – Create a Virtual Card

Once you have a sufficient balance in your account you can create a Virtual Card to use for Liedjie. We encourage creating a Normal Card with a higher value (i.e. R2 000) to make sure the subscription processes successfully for many months to come.

Note: this does not mean you need to have R2 000 in your account to create a R2 000 multi-use card, it just means that the card can be billed for a total of up to R2 000, your subscription fee being subtracted from this total each month.

1. From the home screen or in the app menu click “Create Card”

2. Ensure the Normal card type is selected (as Single-use will not allow for the repeat billing of your subscription fee).

3. Enter the amount you want to create the card for. We recommend you enter a large amount (for example R2 000) so you can use it for many months to come.

4. Once you have selected your card type and the value of the card, click the “Create Card” button.

How to create a normal card on VCpay

Please note: screens will / may vary from device to device

NB – make sure you have enough funds in your VCpay account to cover the cost of your subscription. If you do not have enough funds in your VCpay account to cover the fee, your card will be rejected.


Step 4 – Load your VCpay card on your Liedjie app

Use the numbers on your Virtual Card to update your card details in the Liedjie app. If you need assistance, please contact the Liedjie team to help you out.

Now sit back and enjoy your favourite songs worry-free, knowing that your subscription fee is securely and conveniently taken care of by VCpay.


So download VCpay today!


Download VCpay on iOSDownload VCpay Windows Phone