What is a Virtual Card?

Virtual Cards are created in the VCpay app and function the same way as a regular credit card. With a VC Card you can pay for everything and anything online by using the 16 digit PAN number, expiry date and CVV number on the generated card.

Every Virtual Card is a MasterCard which means it is accepted at any South African merchant.

Can I re-use a Virtual Card?

Yes, you can re-use a Virtual Card if it is a Normal Card and the amount is less or equal to the amount the Virtual Card was created for.

If the limit on a card has been reached, it can be increased by clicking on the spend limit in the card view screen.

How do I know if a VCpay Virtual Card has already been used?

You can view your card history on the application, which gives a detailed overview and history of each card created, used and sent.

What is the difference between a Single-Use and a Normal Virtual Card?

A Single-Use Card can only be used once for the amount the card was created for or less.

  • For example, a R250 Single-Use Card can only be used for any value that is less than or equal to R250 and only once.

A Normal Card can be used multiple times up to the total value that the card was created for.

  • For example, a Normal Card created for R1,000 can be used four times for R250 each time or twice for R500.
  • However you decide to use it, it’s your choice. All you need to remember is that all of the transactions added together must be less than or equal to the total amount the Normal Card was created for.