Exciting news! We’ve been ranked as one of the top 40 Fintech Companies in Africa by LTP (Let’s Talk Payments).


Why does this matter?

“As the largest unserved market, 330 million Africans lack access to formal financial services.” The innovative fintech companies that are providing these underbanked individuals with alternative payment options are being recognised for their efforts and achievements, and VCpay is one of them.

Our app offers an alternative payment option for those who do not have credit cards, by creating virtual MasterCards® with an easy-to-use mobile app. “Half of almost 300 million registered mobile money accounts globally are located in sub-Saharan Africa”, and VCpay helps make this a reality.

It’s all about empowering people like you and I to pay securely how and when we want to!

Read the complete article by LTP here.


What does it mean for you, a VCpay user?

Well, now you know for sure that the app you should use (if you’re not using it already 🙂 ) to make those Uber, Takealot or any payment online or in-app in SA, is a leader in the FinTech industry.


Win R1000, show us some love!

Not only has VCpay been ranked one of the Top 40 FinTech Companies on the continent, but our app has also recently been nominated for the Fintech Africa Awards. The objective of these awards is to support the development of new and innovative financial services within Africa, in an effort to boost financial inclusion.

This isn’t just impressive (if we say so ourselves), but it’s your chance to win serious cash. Click here to find out how you can win R1000 just by voting for VCpay.


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